Our Dreams Will Break the Boundaries of Our Fear: Rules of a Penguins Fan →



  1. Mario is the best PERIOD.
  2. You don’t have to support Matt Cooke, but you still must tolerate him, and love him like every other player.
  3. Sidney Crosby is a hero, no matter what country you’re from.
  4. 1991,1992,2009 were the best years.
  5. Despite…

I’m Pens fan with all my heart but I like Jágr, he is our national hero and he has done a lot of for our country.  He is still my favourite player and I really don’t understand why Pens fans hate him now. 

Dan Bylsma, on if he’s comfortable with the roster as is:

The answer to your question is yes, I’m comfortable with the roster. I like the way our team plays. I like our mentality. I like our work ethic. I like the pieces we have. They give us a chance to have success. I looked at our board yesterday and think that’s a lineup we plan on winning four games in the first round of the playoffs and getting out of the second round. That’s a group we can do that with. I like the identiy of our team. I like the mentality of our team and the way we work. I like and believe, and our players believe, that we can be a good team.